The Quiet Zone

I spent part of the day working in “The Quiet Zone” at a local library.  After hosting a local Meetup and then being in meetings most of the day I simply needed a quiet space to work before my next meeting.  I ended up at a small local library and the librarians immediately noticed my confused look when I entered and asked if I need assistance.  I told them I was just looking for a quiet place to work and they happily pointed me to the Quiet Zone room with lots of great light, comfortable chairs and plugs for my laptop. And of course, free wifi.

After working out of my home for so many years, I have to sometimes force myself out.  I’m always happy to discover quiet spaces to work and pleased with how nice many of the local libraries are.  With meeting spaces and quiet zones and free wifi, they’ve adapted to modern era by downsizing their endless bookshelves and become entryways into the digital book and knowledge zone.

So next time you need a quiet place to recharge while out and about, locate your local library and find a quiet nook to cuddle up with a good book or a laptop.


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