“Results not typical”

I was flipping channels this weekend and saw that Than Merrill’s Fortune Builders group will be coming through Houston farming for new victims clients. If you pause the 30 minute in just the right spot, you can walk up to your TV and read the disclaimer about the results they speak of are not typical and it all really depends on YOUR motivation and work ethic.

Ha! In other words, they’re perfect and if you can’t follow their simple system there is something wrong with YOU, not THEM. What a load of bad cheese.

The truth is their system and hundreds of others are designed to make them money and not you. Yes, their systems work if you follow it exactly, oh and looking like Than Merrill doesn’t hurt nor does being a former NFL player with lots of rich friends who you are not afraid to ask them to loan you money. So sure, if you’re a former NFL, male model, extrovert, buy Than’s $40k system and you are almost guaranteed success – almost. I mean if you’re not willing to do exactly what Than and friends do each and every day, then your results may not be exactly the same as his.

Further, just so you know, the guru marketing funnel works like this:

  • They blanket an area with advertising for a “FREE” two hour training seminar
  • If you sign up, you are now in their funnel and then
  • At the free event, they sell you on “Getting RICH with real estate” and tell you just how they did it and then upsell you to a 2-3 day weekend event
  • If you don’t attend the 2-3 day event for $399 or whatever cost they are charging, then you are simply not committed to being a success
  • If you do attend the paid event, then you’ve taken the first step but now you need to attend another event or better yet, Pass GO and sign up for their $20-$40k Mentoring/Coaching program!  B/c only spending that much money shows you’re committed.


Yes, I know people who have found great success through this program.  Yes, both were extremely handsome extroverts with sales backgrounds and the money available to pay for the program.  The other 98% of people who sign up, according to Than, were just not motivated enough; not that there was anything wrong their program!

So how do the other 98% find success?

Simple, they realize, they don’t need a cookie cutter system but a customized system that takes into account their personal situation in terms of finances, resources, personality and time.  They decide what success looks like for them; one house a year or one a month.  They take small steps and reward themselves along the way.  They develop systems that work for them, not others.  They rely on the power of knowledge to make smart, actionable steps toward their goals and they look for assistance from experts when they need it.  They use some, if not all of  the $40k, to buy properties instead of Mentoring.

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