Are you ready to fast track your investing?  

Personalized, individual, confidential coaching programs designed for you.

Free 30 minute evaluation & goal setting session

Our personalized Coaching is custom designed around YOU!

  • Your Goals

  • Your Time

  • Your Skills

  • Your Resources

Everyone is unique so why join a cookie cutter program that tries to force you to be someone you’re not.  Our program is modeled after NASA Astronaut training.  We’re highly selective and once you’re in, you can’t fail because we create a program just for you.


We now offer three levels of Coaching.

Silver Level ($1500):

  • Welcome Packet (Jumpstart eBooks, Goal & Resource Analysis Worksheets)
  • One 60 min Kickoff Call or online Session
  • Six Weekly 45 min Coaching Sessions
  • 2-3 page Lead Generation website
  • Email support
  • 5 Video Lessons
    • Intro to Real Estate
    • Wholesaling for quick cash
    • The One Page Sales Contract
    • Building Your Team
    • Finding Funding
  • Discount programs at Home Depot, Office Depot/Office Max, Callfire, Ring Ring & many more

Gold Level ($5000):

  • All Silver Benefits
  • Free one year Self-directed IRA account
  • Guaranteed 24 hour email response
  • Customized Website for lead generation and product sales
  • Personalized lead generation blueprint
  • Access to Private lenders
  • Additional Online lessons
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Attendance at one of our Three Day in-person workshops in Houston, TX

Platinum Level ($10,000):

  • All Gold Benefits
  • PLUS – I will fly to your location (Continental US only) for a two-day private Kickoff session
  • Document Package (Contracts, Trusts, JV Agreements, etc.)
  • Unlimited funding for qualified deals
  • Instant Text-based support
  • Private Mastermind Sessions
  • Partnership Opportunities
  • Attendance at one of our Destination Workshop Events (Cruise or Resort location)
Call us at (409) 209-2580 for more information and to setup your free evaluation call.  Or email us at
Don’t wait!  We only select a few new partners each month and space is extremely limited due to the customized nature of this program.