Are you ready to fast track your investing?  

Personalized, individual, confidential coaching programs designed for you.

Free 30 minute evaluation & goal setting session

  • Couch To $5k (C2$5k) program for beginners with little to no experience – Designed to help you quickly make your first 5k in real estate

  • $5k to $100k program – Designed to build your business to the $100k earning level

  • Email Only Program  – Designed for those that just want email interaction

Our personalized Coaching is custom designed around YOU!

  • Your Goals

  • Your Time

  • Your Skills

  • Your Resources

Everyone is unique so why join a cookie cutter program that tries to force you to be someone you’re not.  Our program is modeled after NASA Astronaut training.  We’re highly selective and once you’re in, you can’t fail because we create a program just for you.


The only thing we can’t give you is INTERNAL MOTIVATION.

Yes, we can send you all sorts of daily reminders and inspirational quotes but we can’t make you get out of bed at 6 am or earlier every day or force you to love learning and real estate investing.  Honestly, if you’re not passionate about learning, making money, and willing to take action, then you’re wasting our time and I simply don’t have time to do that with you. This program is only for those ready to start investing and taking action today.


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