MLM – Can you really make money on the internet?

Every now and again, wait, no, actually almost every day I receive an email or Facebook ad promising to make me an internet Millionaire!  All I have to do is sign up for the program, pay them x of dollars for them to train me to build a list, grow the list and then sell to them.  The trouble is, how do I build such a list?

And that’s the rub, you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to build that list.  Sure, there are lots of different ways to build a good marketing list but it also takes time. These MLM schemes take thousands of leads/email addresses to make that one sell so they can get paid.  It’s all a numbers game, just like real estate.

So yes, it can work, and yes you can be an internet Millionaire from the comfort of your own home but is it for you?  Can you sell to strangers? or set up a system that will?  are you willing to ask friends to buy from you or sign up and refer others?  Well, let’s try it.  here’s my link to the Millionaire Dollar Training Network.  Nothing to buy, just sign up and try it.

Send me your results and I’ll share mine.  Happy watching!

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