Manufactured Home Investing Niche

I recently attend TexCO, the Texas Community Owners event for the manufactured house park owners.  I’m not an owner yet but will be soon.  It was a very informational event and about 95% male; which doesn’t bother me.  I just in general do not enjoy these large networking events.  I skipped the dinner cruise, even though I knew several folks attending; a full day of 200+ people was more than I could handle.

Yes, I know, I could have been making even more great contacts.  Yes, I know, I could have even found my soulmate and future husband – ha!  but I was tired, it was a long day and I already received the value I wanted from the event so I went home.

It was a great event and I highly recommend you look into this niche of investing.  Manufactured homes are an affordable home product for both investors and retail buyers.  The market has never been more in demand and the inventory low. For this group, we are mainly talking about buying parks and not just homes.  Since it is almost impossible to build a manufactured home park in 98% of the US, owners have a product that everyone wants to purchase.  Further, they are hard to finance for most traditional lenders making them even more difficult to purchase.

Why is this such a great niche?  Tons of reason; starting with scarcity.  Plus, I don’t want to be a landlord.  That’s just me; it doesn’t fit my personality.  I don’t want to be responsible for maintaining the safety of someone’s home so manufactured home and RV Parks make sense.  I am only renting them the dirt, the parking space.  I never have to enter their homes or be responsible if they want to live without smoke detectors, two exits, deadbolts, etc.  Parks tend to take on the personality of their owners; so business minded folks who want to run a nice business have nicer parks.  My parks will be nice, safe and offer a great return to my and my investors.

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