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Hi, I’m Dinda!

When I was a wee child I could not properly pronounce my own name, Belinda. I somehow mangled my name into “Dinda” and the nickname, which my Grandmother lovingly called me, has stayed with me my whole life. I’m now a full-time real estate investor and educator based in Galveston, TX near Houston. As an introvert I often often found it difficult to network at large events and to reach out to resources even though I knew it had to be done. Finally one day I got fed up with being told I had to be more outgoing, more enthusiastic and develop some mystical millionaire mindset that would allow me to overcome all my past shyness and adversity. The truth is that I had a GREAT childhood, amazing education (Rice University) and had no reason not to be successful. Then I realized the problem was not with me but with the thousands of self-help programs and gurus preaching to often low self-esteem, unhappy people promising to change their lives forever. I didn’t want to change my life, I just wanted to enhance certain parts of it. Real Estate for introverts is my way of giving back to all those introverts, who are the majority of humans, looking not for another get rich quick scheme but a steady program to enhance their lives and lifestyle.

I also highly recommend the book QUIET: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain. Cain goes into way more detail than I needed to know about how the introverted mind works but the book reinforced my own beliefs that there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. Further, she showed that Introverts in high leadership and public places are there not because they seek personal fame but because it’s the right thing to do.

In my former professional career I was an Instructional Designer and ‘Train The Trainer’ for everyone from preschoolers to Astronauts. Yes, I worked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston with NASA and helped developed Spaceflight training. Yes, it was the coolest job in the world but then one day NASA stopped flying and worse, they stopped exploring and dreaming. Other times I consulted with local school districts, trained teachers, corporate groups, universities, healthcare and even brain surgeons. So yes, I can honestly say that real estate investing not rocket science or brain surgery as I’ve helped develop training for both! It’s a very systematic way to make money and create a lifestyle of your choosing.

After NASA I became interested in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and real estate investing. I eventually migrated away from working for other people to working for myself. Trust me, it was easier to collect a monthly paycheck and be told what to do rather than having to figure it all out on my own and force myself to keep moving forward in my investing.

I serve on the Board of Directors for my local REIA, The Realty Investment Club of Houston, and run my own Galveston County Meetup Group for investors. I am extremely active in various online communities including Facebook, LinkedIn and BiggerPockets.com as well as several FOSS communities. I own Riverwolf Properties and invest in all areas of real estate.

For the past fifteen years I have been able to work from the comfort of my waterfront home on Galveston Island. I have travelled the world, became an international conference speaker and discovered that one of the most counter intuitive things about ‘meeting’ people online and all over the globe is that it eventually leads you to meet those nearby because of your common interests. The internet which gives us both anonymity, and is often a barrier to personal interaction, actually makes it easier to meet local people with similar interests. And while I would never just walk into a bar and start talking to strangers, I’m online all the time and have conversations with folks I just met with ease through my keyboard.

When I grow up I want to be an Astronaut on a mission to Mars or beyond.

I’m Dinda and I’m an introvert. I hope to meet other introverts so we can “Unite, Separately” in our future real estate investing.